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    ROG Hero 8 Drivers OUTDATED ! ! !

    So i know the pace the technology is changing is incredible but its not even that old that we should forget the support of the product of ASUS and EOG products

    Most of us have paid extra to get those ROG Premium Products of ASUS but i have a Question that is ASUS really doing it ? and what is the plan if someone knows about this i would love to know what and how old users are here and using old hardwares without any issues

    Now i have a ROG 8 Hero Motherboard and i wont talk about any other hardware but i do own some more from ROG series but this motherboard drivers are way way too OLD not and i dont even see any update coming out from the Official Site

    If you will see the most of the drivers are updated lastly on the 2016 last and even there Certificates are getting expired in 2019 end of this year

    Windows is being updated time to time and unsigned software are going to lead to Virus which no one understand but this is the fact that most of the softwares STOP working

    I have open technical tickets i am still in contact with the support but one reply can lead to months reply and that also comes after a month or so after waitting someone will reply and just force to close it ! !

    This is a issue according to me and this is the reason i want to post if here and i want to know how many others think the same way i think coz its not that i dont like the updated hardware but its just not in my needs and i wanted to invested in a good system and i did chose and i am still not in no where need of it but still if the i will not get a updated Drivers then how we ALL will be able to use that Hardware in the coming TIME :? the question rased that is it safe to BUY more products i am sorry so far for me its not the way its working for me

    If you are still reading thinkz coz i think you are going throw the same issue the one i am facing and we dont have to explain what are actuly the problems coz i can see its all over the Fourms

    so if you are with me yeah just say what ever you want to say and pls if someone here from the TEAM itself and can Fix this Issue and make me sure that its safe i might update the hardware also who knows but sofar i am not

    Thankx and i will watch this post coz this is the only one>>
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