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    GT-AC5300 - WAN USB tether FAILURE with Razer 2 phone .. suggestions please?

    Firmware Version:

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can assist with a USB tether FAILURE

    All devices run current firmware. My GT-AC5300 is configured for
    WAN USB tethering, running without issue on a Huawei P30 phone.
    Also used Samsung A30, A50 A70, they all USB tether perfectly.

    I just purchased a new Razer 2 phone , under NO circumstances will
    it USB tether with the ASUS router. it will successfully USB tether with
    my desktop PCs and notebooks, this USB tether failure ONLY occurs
    with the ASUS router.

    I've logged detailed support tickets with both ASUS and Razer, both
    have reached the conclusion that a compatibility issue is the problem.
    Neither willing to resolve the problem.

    any de-bug or work around suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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