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    This one opens up with a keyboard and when you click it shows macros and disappears and is then empty. I'm just trying to control my motherboard lights and ram at this point. Tired of the rainbow color and no other settings. I have tried all the Aura Lighting applications. Older ones start but are empty. The later ones will not launch and have an Auraservice is currently unavailable error. This was my last hope and it failed as well.

    I do have an install log of everything that this one installs. But I'm not sure what is going on with it. I will Beta test for them as it seems they aren't trying to cover the newer boards at this point. I'm tired of installing, uninstalling, registry cleaning for nothing at this point. Who is actually testing this stuff? Maybe they are just not testing and throwing it out and waiting for responses at this point. As they have failed on this since the beginning.

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