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    ASUS Maximus Extreme Viii will not boot - Code 55 but RAM OK - Sudden problem

    Hello - help needed.
    I have the ASUS Maximus Extreme Viii motherboard which has work seamlessly for many years. I have made no changes to it aside from ensuring the bios is up to date. Yesterday I came downstairs to find it was switched off. Assumed a power cut or something had happened. However, it will now not boot. I cannot even get to bios. There is power and the LED codes flip and change but seem to rest on 55 which from what I gather means no memory detected. I took the memory out and it is working fine in my works computer. I’m running a full test on it now so clearly that’s not the problem. So what is? I suppose there’s only the chip left to test?

    I followed all of the other advice on this forum of reseating RAM and even reseated the CPU - but since the PC has always been stationary, unchanged, and formerly working I don’t think it’s to do with incompatibilities, seating issues, new hardware etc.

    Any ideas - it’s a great machine - loathed to change CPU and motherboard without really understanding if it’s a necessary thing to do.

    PS sometimes the codes do rest on other numbers like 40

    Cheers, Jim*

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