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    PG27UQX vs pg27uq

    I just found out there is gona be a PG27UQX
    And i own a pg27uq that is 1 year old and allready its old and outdated.

    I feel that ASUS is bending us over with this stunt..i know modern tech goes fast today.
    When you buy a pc in the store, then it is allready old when you come home and install it.

    But I still find it unfair for us with the pg27uq and i was hoping asus would give us some kind
    of option to replace the pg27uq for an upgrade to PG27UQX with some small fee or something fair.

    Do anyone know more about this matter ?
    Or how do you feel about this PG27UQX news

    1 main thing is that it has lower fan noise and better cooling.
    So what is it gone be ?

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