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    PG35VQ - Sound/Sound USB after Boot/Standby gone


    the sound is working - till the monitor went standby or after a reboot. Windows gives me a message about "the last usb device isnt recognized correctly"
    I have to reconnect the USB. Most of the time even this isnt working. Other USB Soundcards are working fine.
    The Audio Path is set to USB. But even set to DP doesnt change a thing.

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    I have the USB controller not being recognized by Windows 10/64 1903. I am using a pc running a 2080 ti on DP. The USB ports seems to be working functionally. I am running a different USB sound device. I surmise from this that my issue is the same or similar to yours. Uninstalling device and updating drivers has no effect and it reappears after each reboot as unrecognized.

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