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    Unrecognised NVMe SSD in BIOS, slow boot

    Hello everyone,
    So as the title says, I just bought a M.2 SSD NVMe WD Black and I've noticed that the BIOS has an anomalous behaviour for some unknown reasons.
    I am pretty certain that the SSD has been correctly installed because I can see it on the windows installation and I can make a clean installation on it, but in the BIOS settings, the SSD is not recognised ?!

    Only if the windows is installed on it, it is seen as primary boot device on " Windows Boot Manager " section and I've noticed that the laptop is staying a bit longer on Asus logo ( for like 7-8 secs ) before the small dots appear and form a circle

    Otherwise, if I am installing the windows on the SSHD, the SSD it's as non-existent for the BIOS.

    Also, I've checked in " Advanced Mode -> Advanced -> NVMe Configuration " and BIOS says that there's no such device installed even if the windows is installed on SSD.

    My BIOS version is 301.

    Should I try to update it to 305?

    I'm waiting for your answers.


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