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    9980xe + ASUS Rampage VI EXtreme Omega, not sure what to take?


    I'm locking for a Overclock Guide for the 9980xe + ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Omega, cooling is a AiO Corsair h150i Pro.

    I would like to overclock 6 core to 4,6/7Ghz and the Rest to 4Ghz, but i don't no which values to take to rest?

    CPU Load -Line Calibration 3?
    CPU Current Capability 140%?
    AVX 5?
    AXVX-512 5 oder 7?
    CPU Core Voltage 1,25?
    CPU Input Voltage 1,95?
    VVCIO Wie viel oder Auto?

    Thanks in advance

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    Seems like you have an Ok starting point. I would raise LLC to 4-5, it just depends on how low voltage drops under load. For an overclock like you want to do, I would overclock by specific core. That way you can bump up the voltages on the cores you want clocked higher and lower the voltage on the lower clocked cores. That will reduce unwanted heat on the lower clocked cores. No sense pumping in 1.25V into a 4GHz core that may only need 1.18 or so.

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