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    Angry ROG Phone Screen

    had my ROG phone for 9 months, screen broke
    Contacted ASUS to get information about the repair cost (as i know this is not covered by the warranty)...

    Literal response was "ASUS does not provide warranty or repair service for this device"

    - Checked online. a lot of people complaining about the customer service and support
    - for a 1000 EUR phone, I expect at least to be heard. i wasn't able to even reply to the customer support email address (no_reply@.... )
    - For a 1000 EUR phone, i expect the quality of the phone itself to be better. the speaker grills were detached in about 3 months of purchase. can't find spare parts to glue new ones ...

    Had to buy a screen from amazon and replace it in a shop.

    Was planning to buy a gaming laptop. i guess I'll go with a brand with better customer service. and as for the phone, I'm going back to Samsung.

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