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    ROG Member Array AlwaysWinter PC Specs
    AlwaysWinter PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus Hero Maximus z230
    Processorintel 8700k
    Memory (part number)corsair vengence 3200 16-18-18-36
    Graphics Card #1RX 580
    Storage #1samsung 960 evo
    Power Supply750 EVGA 10yr warranty
    Network Router1200ac

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    Mar 2018

    Hero maximus z370 w/8700k cpu, gets hot on auto whats a good vcore and offset voltage

    also should i put offset to plus or minus? whats a good vcore and offset should i set for a 4.8mhz

    also what should i set system agent and vccio
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    Asus Hero Maximus Z370, intel 8700k Corsair c16-18-18-36 vengence 3200mhz 750evga PSU rx580gpu

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