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    need help sustaining the highest cpu clock speeds

    I have a GU501G and i need help getting my i7 8750h (paired w/ GTX 1060 6GB) to stay at the highest clocks possible. I've tweaked ThrottleStop to manipulate the boost clock and i can get the cpu to a all core 3.8ghz overclock. But at 3.8 ghz, i'm hitting like 95 to 98 Celsius on the i7. i believe, i can push it higher but i need to get the thermals in check first. Any thoughts to help bring down the temps? I know this laptop isn't built to OC but i got this thing for $600 at bestbuy and want to get the most for my money. Any help would be super appreciated!

    P.S i tried fanspeed to increase the cpu fan speed but i couldn't figure it out. the fan mode is set to "overboost" but the machine quiet so i am not sure if it is running at full speed.

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