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    1080TI Poor overclocking?

    I guess I know it is possible but...

    I have 2 PNY 1080tis in SLI and watercooled, just added the second card somewhat recently.

    My original card I could get 150 core and 400 memory. I picked up a second card on ebay and with that installed I had to drop the memory to 300 but the core was unchanged. I unfortunately had to return that card.....for reasons....and just installed the replacement for it today. With this new second card now, the best I can get is 105 on the core and 200 on the memory.

    As I said, I do know it is possible to get a "bad" card, I guess I am just wondering about any possible thoughts or options or if anyone else got a bad overclocker or....I don't know...maybe just looking for condolences??? I guess

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