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    Post Asus ROC x570e + armory crate + bios update + 12v led output problem

    Hi Team,

    Our deparment bought a few Asus roc x570 motherboards.

    after windows installation, we got armoury crate installed. It had no problem detecting the roc x570 motherboard and is able to control the case LED light via 12v 4pins from bottom of the motherboard. then armoury updated and we updated bios to 1404. the 4pin LED connector doesn't output correct signal anymore.

    In windows, armoury crate stopped detecting the mothorboard showing "no devices available".

    even in bios, the case doesn't flash the led correctly (it's still outputing the colour but it just stay the last setting when armoury crate last time worked) I guess it's either the bios glitched the detection of armoury crate and the motherboard 4pin led output stayed the last setting.

    any suggestion?


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