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    Brand new GL704GM Strix SCAR II already showing malfunctions

    Hi gamers, I had to get a new laptop as an emergency, and I got this GL704GM Strix SCAR II. I am noticing errors right away, I cannot or do not have any control of the color scheme on the keyboard. Playing simple, non-GPU heavy games will cause it to freeze, yesterday it happened with frostpunk, other day it was a different game. Also, if I have a game open, and close the lid for even a second, and re-open it, thats it, everything is frozen, I have to hold the power button to hard reboot. Am I just special, or are these ...whatever errors or glitches normal for this particular model?
    Does ROG offer any kind of diagnostic tools to tell me if this is something I can remedy? I update my GPU drivers all the time with Nvidia Experience. I would appreciate any type of help.

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    Are you undervolting the CPU or GPU? That could cause performance and stability issues.

    Also, I'd update the BIOS and Windows to the latest versions available.

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