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    Quote Originally Posted by ationfictons View Post
    I've found what I think are the locations for two other Calculator fields in the BIOS. I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm/deny those:
    • Under the Misc table, "BGS" (and the Alternate) might be "BankGroupSwap" at Advanced > AMD CBS > UMC Common Options > DRAM Memory Mapping
    • Under the Main Voltage table, "VRef (CHA/CHB)" might be "DRAM Ctrl Ref Voltage on" (CHA/CHB) at Extreme Tweaker > Tweaker’s Paradise
    You have some good work here, I thought similar when I got to the BIOS and not all the settings were in one area, some are buried as you have found or dont relate with the exact terminology.

    My board is the TUF B450-Gaming so it has close menu. I will revisit one day but was waiting for the BIOS' to settle which they seem to be churning out now.

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