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    FX553VD with RGB keyboard


    After the screws on stock top panel of my FX553VD gave up. I decided to do risky upgrade and took top panel of GL553VD. Phyisically it's perfect match. Keyboard is little different (shape of ENTER button and location of \ backslash button). But RGB backlight do not work as it should.
    1. Fn+F3 or Fn+F4 do not work
    2. There is only white light on the left side of the keyboard (no matter what I set in Asus Aura Core)
    3. When I close the lid, left side of keyboard is still lighted, same goes when I do Windows 10 Sleep (which is draining battery)

    On FX553VD stock top panel, I had red backlight on entire keyboard and Fn+F3 or Fn+F4 was working great. I checked several times did I inserted properly 2 FFC cable of new keyboard (the same width are 2 FFC cables on FX553VD keyboard), but the results are always same.
    How do I make my GL553VD keyboard to glow RGB colors on FX553VD laptop?
    I have installed Asus Aura core, but it does not help.
    Only change I manage to achive is when I press Fn+F4 (which does nothing), but then I press Fn+F7 (disable monitor and keyboard backlight goes off) then I press Fn+F7 again (activate monitor and keyboard backlight turns on, but brighness of backlight gets stronger)

    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1903
    ATK driver version 1.0.0061
    BIOS 308
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