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    Laptop bag case mod..

    so I wanted to throw an idea out on a new mod im starting. What do you guys think.. I am going to take a laptop bag, string the outside with el wire, probably in a tron type pattern, (something like this)

    Then on the inside when you open it, I want to install a full water cooled gaming rig, complete with screen on inside panel. I will reenforce the bag with an aluminum frame, and steal some hinges off a breifcase for stability in opening it, I think I will need to use a micro board,(not for sure yet) and I am open to ideas on power supply. I wasthinking about taking one apart and spreading it out in the bag (on the bottom so its not so thick) .. I want the wires to plug into the bottom of the bag so I will actualy mount the motherboard and cut a hole for the plate. Another issue I think I will have will be graphics card, but I can either remove that when I close it, or posibly cut a hole or something, thats another thing , im open for ideas... Just thought id shoot it at you guys see what you think. If this fuels any ideas please post them , I am totaly open..

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