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    Quote Originally Posted by chumacher View Post
    He is using Ulleticals FPS benchmark. not running around.
    well the POINT is the HT TAKES 10-20w more power and creates more heat. <- THOSE ARE THE PROBLEMS
    you can't make that fact go away same way you mr. are still a virgin in real life trolling and flaming @ internet.. hopefully you get banned.

    you sir are flaming, those are my pictures from my imgur that I took. YOU ARE A SAD SAD MAN.

    I will post results and will get you banned from here. you are just the most profound flamer I've met this year.
    You won't magically gain back those 10-20w and run cooler just by turning HT off. That's not how it works.

    You're saying that like it's a magical hidden miraculous bios option that will make all laptops run cooler and more efficiently, that every laptop user should get access to. Really...

    First you come out of nowhere with the core parking magic trick, trying to shove it down everyone's throats like it's the holy grail of all hacks (no one cared about it btw). Then all of the sudden you forget about that one and a couple of weeks later you rise from the dead blaberring about turning off HT -that you probably read from an article from the mid 2000's without even realizing it- and now you think that it would solve everyone's thermal problems around here.

    If anything, you're amusing me with your nonsense. Thank you.

    Now, enough talking. This is not what this forum is intended for and this is really getting off the tracks.

    Waiting for the benchmarks... Don't leave me hanging.
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