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    Strix 2080 Super OC, normal temperature readings?


    New to the Asus ROG forums and hope someone here may be able to assist with some knowledge.

    In short, I have an ASUS ROG Strix 2080 Super OC card. I am trying to understand its thermals. I have used HWInfo64 and a cheap thermal IR sensor (however normally within 5% if emissivity is 1).


    1. In HWInfo64 I actually find that the card reports the VRM temp readings, are these reliable? (was quite surprised to see them)

    2. My temp readings are as follows (torture test using a loop for 20-30m of Nvidia Atomic Heart which has DLSS and RTX at 1440p… so likely close to "normal" max), are these normal (esp. VRM and VRAM)?
    - GPU: 70C (HWInfo64 reported)
    - VRM: 66C (HWInfo64 reported, unclear if reliable)
    - VRM: 78C (measured near first “top” capacitor next to chokes by directing IR meter to where it is soldered on the board). Got the same temp by measuring VRM that isn’t covered by backplate. This was the highest reading I could get, partly due to the card is quite “boxed” because of cooler and backplate. Do note that if emissivity isn’t 1, temps are higher.
    - VRAM: 84C (measured using IR as a tiny slice of it isn’t actually covered by the pads (like 1 mm). Not sure if this is normal, but it allowed be to get a reading directed more or less straight at memory and PCB).

    Graphics fans during above readings around 60%. Card was running boost clocks of 2040Mhz, memory at effective 16Ghz, Power limit at 120% (If power limit is lowered to 115% the capacitor VRM reading is 75C)

    Thank you so much in advance!

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