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    Maximus XI problem with usb port and beeps 1 long and 3 short

    Hello everyone i have problems with 4 beeps 1 long 3 short signaling i spouse GPU problem. I have Asus Strix RTX 2070 it is funny because card is working perfectly fine. The problem itself appears only after pc is being shut down and unplugged from power over night for example. When the problem appears i have to restart pc /hard reset/ which solves the problem.

    Second problem are my usb ports on a top of my chassis. There are 4 of them 1 is not working i have already replaced the whole panel. It doesnt solve the situation.
    There are 4 cables comming from each usb. at he end they are merged in 2 usb plugs. i have them connected to usb ports on mb 1 one goes next to where sata connectors are located second goes, can i say next to where power button, hdd led and pc speaker connectors are. 1 one is working , second only 1 of 2 usb ports works.
    Any clues why ? some kind of limit ?
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