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    Question M.2 and B450F-Gaming

    Another M.2 post.

    My configuration:

    Ryzen 3700X
    RTX 2070 ( PCIEX 16_1 slot )

    Storage device:

    HD 1TB // Main drive with OS installed ( SATA6G_1 )
    HD 3TB ( SATA6G_2 )
    SSD 500GB ( SATA6G_4 )

    On the MOBO's manual it says that the B450F uses M-Type M.2 2280 ( up to 22110 on M.2_2 ) and was looking at:

    What i would like to know is where to install it.

    Referring to the 1st/2nd generation table if i use M2_1 ( the upper one ) i will give up on SATA6G_5/6 ( the 2 upper ones, that are not used ), while if i use M2_2 the PCIEX 16_1 slot will switch to x8, virtually slowing down my GPU. Got it right?

    Also would be cool to know since now how i can move my W10 from the HDD to the M.2

    LSS: Would like to know if the M.2 is compatible, where to install it and how to move my OS from HDD to the M.2

    Tnx for any response and sorry about the poor english

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