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    Aura Creator & ROG Aura Terminal

    Unless I'm doing something wrong -and I wouldn't dismiss that possibility - it seems that Aura Creator is incompatible with Asus' own ROG Aura Terminal. I've seen one other user comment suggesting that his/her terminal doesn't appear in Aura Creator. In my case, I can see the terminal in both Armory Crate and the AURA app itself so I'm fairly sure everything that is supposed to be working is working.

    Did I just waste my money?

    Should I just return the bloody terminal or does ASUS plan to, you know ... maybe support their own hardware with their own software at some point?

    Apologies for the tone; after spending a week looking about for a means to provide additional ARGB headers in my setup, dropping a spot of money, and spending a fair amount of time reconfiguring my system's lighting around the terminal, I was a bit sideways to see that the ARGB headers aren't really. Hoping I'm missing something obvious or that ASUS plans to implement support. Soon.

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