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    Updating BIOS with new CPU (Not supported BIOS level)

    Ok, heres the deal. Probably an old quesiton that I know the answer. But, here are the specifics.

    I have a WS x299 SAGE Workstation motherboard with 0905 BIOS.

    I will have a new i9-10900x CPU. This is only supported at 2002 BIOS.

    Can I update bios, or use a USB flash method without having to find an older CPU supported at 0905?

    Thank you.

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    You can flash the BIOS with an empty socket and just power to the board. Dont even need ram or GPU. PSU on (dont try tol start machine), BIOS loaded onto suitable USB drive and named correctly with that and only that on the USB stick. Not sure what the naming is for the sage but example the Rampage VI Extreme has to be named R6E.CAP. I think its WSXTG.CAP for you but could be wrong. The rest are easy to figure out but that one is a bit different.
    Then just put the USB stick in the USB port on the I/O labeled BIOS then press and hold the BIOS flashback button until it starts flashing then let go and it will start the flash. Takes a minute or two. If it flashes a few times then quits there is an issue like wrong name, bad file or plugged into the wrong port.

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