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    GL703gm Audio Issues w/ Clean W10 Install

    I bought the laptop and did a clean W10 install. However, I had immediate audio issues which the official drivers never fixed. The official drivers brought -

    - No output device in some programs
    - Microphone only picking up really loud sounds (normal volume sounds extremely quiet)
    - Bad sound quality

    I cannot remember how. But I managed to find a driver which fixed it perfectly. And used it for ages without worry.

    Last night - I decided to reformat again. But I completely forgot about the issues I initially faced. So now I am stuck with awful audio drivers. And I cannot work out where I got the drivers which fixed it.

    Did anyone have the same? Can anyone remember or help where I need this driver?

    I have a vague recollection of the audio driver was for a different model of Asus Strix ROG.


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