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    Maximus Hero XI M.2 Question

    Hey guys,

    I recently built a new gaming computer and I have a Samsung 970 Evo Plus that is currently installed at the top m.2 slot (below cpu and above graphic card). *Using HWINFO and HWMONITOR I’ve noticed while gaming the 970 plus usually gets to around 60c-64c. *Seems a little high, however I guess its still technically within the working condition range.

    I downloaded a couple games on my other drive (860 evo 2.5 SSD) and started playing and the temps again went up on the 970 plus to the same range. *I’m starting to think as the graphic card heats up so does the M.2. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a game on that SSD or the other one it will still heat up to low 60c range.

    My question is are these temps fine and I shouldn’t worry about it? And those of you with the Hero XI and an M.2 which slot did you guys pick?

    Btw I have a H710I case with 360 rad up front 3x120mm push, 3x120mm exhaust up top and 1x140mm exhaust at back.*

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