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    Aura wont calibrate LED strips correctly

    Doing a pretty simple build with a TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI), three RGB 120mm fans, and two RGB LED strips daisy chained.
    RGB 12v header 1 is connected to the RGB LED strips, 12v header 2 is connected to the daisy chained LED fans.

    Aura does some things OK, but the panel only shows the mainboard, and "Add strip"
    I thought it should show the mainboard, and both headers connected.

    but, it does control the fans and strips, BUT, the colors are not correct on the strips. If I calibrate, it shows it syncing,
    but I close that, and it's not correct.

    I can force the correct colors by "lying" on seen colors during calibration.

    the fans RGB calibrate correctly

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