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    GX502GW Ram frequency issue - solved

    Hello all ROGers

    I've recently got my GX502GW and as you may know it has 16GB of ram soldered into the motherboard and only just one empty slot provided, so I've decided to install an extra 16Gb just to get the benefits of dual channel ram.

    This is the ram I have installed:

    Now this is the part where it gets a bit confusing for me.
    I'm currently using CPU-Z to check whether it is working or not, which it is but the DRAM frequency is only at 1196Mhz which corresponds to 2400Mhz only?
    Clicking into the SPD page of CPU-Z even says that the max bandwidth of my new ram is DDR4-2666 (1333Mhz)
    I made sure to check that the built in ram was running at 1333 and also checked that the new ram is at the same capacity and frequency, so why is it now running at 2400 instead of 2666?

    Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this and is there a fix for it?
    Thanks everybody.
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