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    Quote Originally Posted by elang View Post
    The thermal issues are often hardware issues, like you described, but you also criticize people in a more general fashion for being upset about Asus's drivers, and you paint a picture that it's unreasonable to suspect drivers might ever cause these types of issues, and that's plain false. The drivers control the fan speed based on the thermal sensors, and respond to the thermal sensors accordingly.

    If Asus finds the thermal sensors degrade in their accuracy, affecting 50% of all units in circulation, they could and probably have written software based patches to adjust the detection to the likely degradation of the sensors detection quality, or make the RPM changes less aggressive in certain temp ranges, because that will always be cheaper than a recall.

    I think people are also dead-underestimating the number of users a lot of these issues affect, with some blind consumer-esque faith in the idea that if this issue affected everyone, then there would be a recall, or a magical fix.. but the sad reality is the issue affects many people who either deal with it, go through several RMAs thinking they got unlucky, or return the machine. Considering how many different models Asus has, they're advantaging the fact the % of customers who are vocal enough to write about issues with any given model is highly constrained, in comparison to a company like Apple. Asus can basically ignore small issues, or issues that're likely to only appear after a few weeks of use, so long as the product is good enough to withstand the two hours of basic testing Youtubers like Linus Tech Tips will do, they're good, people will trust the review, and if they have an issue with their product, they'll just assume they got unlucky. There won't be fluid and quick documentation of issues by all different users like there would be for a Macbook, and for Asus to basically take that into consideration with how they treat addressing hardware issues, it's sad. There weren't many people talking about this issue on the forums, there were some, but not enough to make it look like there was something worthy of a recall.

    My point is, you're right it's a common issue, but it's not an issue that should be appearing in so many peoples machines after two weeks or a month of use. If it would cost Asus slightly more to improve the quality and reinforcement of their boards, and assembly, to prevent this "common issue", they don't necessarily have a tangible incentive to do so, because apologists like yourself will come and say it's just a bad connection, seen it for 20 years... Where should users draw the line? So many 5 star Amazon reviews on Asus's $1400+ models are revised mentioning "thermal issues after two weeks of normal use", or "everything was fine for a week but then XYZ, returned to Amazon". Just because the users can fix it

    This same touchpad is included in 2018, and 2019 models (like the GL503,4) and the driver is outright faulty.
    This is an example of the types of issues which makes people reluctant to trust software any time something goes wrong.

    I've also worked as a technician, doing repairs on laptops for ~5 years.

    Regardless, there're plenty of people who have posted saying their thermal issues were resolved after a Bios update, so your condescending nonsense about possession serve absolutely no purpose, because even if it is most often a hardware issue, the fact that there are instances where it was a firmware issue justifies the fact many people seek one out. Also, when I said loose connector, I didn't imagine you'd characterize a bad connection differently, but yes.. a loose connection, regardless of whether its solder, or a ribbon cable.

    Like, I agree, if someone reseats (or tapes, or wiggles) a connector, finds their issue resolved for a couple weeks, then proceeds to hunt down a driver issue... that's pretty moronic, but you're casting way too wide of a net with your criticism considering there are issues, unfixed, in circulation, that are purely based on the available firmware for these expensive products.

    If Asus had higher turnaround with their warranty service, maybe consumers, who have no obligation to know how to troubleshoot hardware issues, would feel more comfortable sending their units in for a fix instead of annoying you in this forum.

    Unfortunately, having a product sit in service for 1/12th of it's warranty period, and being required to pay for outgoing shipping, is not status quo in consumer laptop industry for warranty service, yet Asus still markets to consumers.. who will ***** when they run into issues they didn't have with Apple, Dell, Lenovo, or dare I even say HP.

    I leave you with this beautiful video.
    Keep it short and simple if you want anyone around here reading your replies. If you feel like writing a book on the subject, this is not the right place I'm afraid.
    We are discussing the obnoxious fan speed issue. Nothing less, nothing more. Stop trying to change the subject and putting words in my mouth so you can try and make sense of your logic. If you want to talk about thermal issues, driver issues and whatnot, use the search function and find the proper thread to discuss it.

    Read the other threads on the issue and you'll see what I'm talking about. There are also links to other forums where people also found the culprit.
    It's a bad connection. Simple as that. Case closed.

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