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    9900k CPU Frequency while gaming

    I have a stock 9900k with XMP I enabled and multi-core disabled. Using HWMonitor i've noticed that in some games under load all 8 of my cores are at 4700mhz while in other games not all 8 cores are pinned at 4700mhz. Basically some games have the cores fluctuating in frequency.

    For example, while playing Modern Warfare and Destiny 2 both games have all 8 cores pinned at 4700mhz for the entire time I'm playing. Doesn't matter if I'm in the menu or playing the moment the game is turned on all 8 cores are pinned at 4700mhz.

    I decided to check out a couple other games like Red Dead Redemption 2, DMC 5 and Resident Evil 2. I noticed right away that with these games the 8 cores were not always pinned at 4700mhz like Destiny and COD. I guess I was also expecting those games to have all 8 cores pinned at 4700mhz also.

    Is what I'm experiencing normal and nothing to worry about? Or should every game always have all cores at the same turbo frequency? I just want to make sure my 9900k is working as intended.

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