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    No signal

    Hello all,

    Currently building PC desktop.
    I've got a ROG GTX 1060 GPU, however when i plug an HDMI cable/DVI cable in it doesn't pick up the monitor.

    I've tried installing the driver for this GPU on another laptop hard drive with my laptop, then put that hard drive into my new gaming pc but no luck as the installation of the driver tries and detects the GPU on my laptop which isn't there.

    I have got ROG ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboard which doesn't have onboard Graphics to boot up into safe mode etc or generally to then install the driver.

    The fans and LED's are working on the graphic's card as it's plugged in via a 8pin as required so i know i don't have any issues there with this graphic's card.
    All powered by Corsair CX600.

    Please help! Any suggestion / ideas more than welcome & would be really helpful!

    Kind Regards

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    Did you solve the issue?

    I have a similar issue with a GTX 1050TI on a TUF Z390M Pro Gaming board - my GPU only work in the second PCIe slot - not the first slot

    Try using a different slot for the GPU

    BR JF

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