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    GL503VD - Fans get crazy after windows update 1903

    Hi, my laptop is a GL503VD - Windows 10 1803. BIOS = 310 (last version)

    Fans used to run between 1800-2400 rpm at normal mode ( cpu /gpu 40-50°c ) , and 4500-5700 rpm (and very noisy) in game mode when cpu / gpu can reach 95°c.
    But that's the "normal" behaviour since i bought it (may 2017)

    After windows update to 1903, first time this summer, fans started to run at 4500 rpm in normal mode, no activity at all, no process running and cpu/gpu at 40°C.

    No Solution from asus support at this time, so I decide to rollback to 1803. and everything retun to normal.

    Last week, windows update call me back to upgrade to 1903 as support ended nov 2019.
    So i decide to update again.
    And result, same **** with fans, that started to get cray at 4500 rpm with no activity.
    No solution from asus support.
    Microsoft support said asus driver for this laptop are not 1903 compliant, and said rollback to 1803 and disabled windows update service to avoid 1903 force update.

    So, will asus do something about this problem ( driver ? ) or do i have to deal without any update from Windows 10 and stay with a 1803 not supported anymore ?

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