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    Exclamation RAM Voltage Under What Has Been Set?

    Hi Everyone,

    Wondering if you could help me out here. I have an 8700k in a ROG Maximus X Code mother board with Trident Gskill 3200, 14CL ram. The 2 sticks I have are in slot 2 and 4 as the manual has directed me to place them in. Motherboard is also on the latest BIOS version.

    The voltage requirements from the GSkill manufacture at that speed is 1.35 volts and when set with the XMP setting, the motherboard does in fact, set the Dram voltage to 1.35 BUT the voltage the motherboard reports is 1.344. The voltage actually swings lower sometimes as low as 1.32.

    I've set the voltage up to 1.36 and the motherboard reports the same exact voltages i mentioned above.

    Not until I set the voltage to 1.37 does the motherboard increase the voltage, but it only goes up to 1.36. It also stays at 1.36 and does not droop like it did before.

    Has anyone else experienced this before? Will I be OK with leaving it at 1.37 as long as the motherboard is delivering 1.36 consistently?

    I'm going to leave it at 1.37 since I don't like the voltage droop but I wanted to post my findings here and see if anyone else has encountered this and found a solution.

    Appreciate everyone's time in advance!

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