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    How can i play games without it sound like a jet?

    Hello, i have a asus rog zepharus s gx502.

    I love the pc but when im gaming its gets really loud. I tried to run it in silent mode but then i get fps drop every 10 minutes, since the gpu clock drops.

    Is there a way to limit the performance of the gpu and cpu?

    because its not nesessarry to run all that perfomance. So that i can have the performance form silent mode but fans runs a little higher so i dont get the fps drop? temperatures in silent mode is 70-80 degrees. and i performance mode its 80-90 so as i see it this shouldnt be a problem.

    The core clock on gpu in silent mode is 800-1000. and in perfomance mode its 1500-1700.

    Asus should have a mode in middle of silent mode and performance mode. :P

    I would be really grateful for help!

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