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    Asus X571 horrible cooling

    After some careful studying i purchased Asus X571 15,6" 15-8300H GTX 1050 and was excited about how fast and quiet it was. Until the fans started. Thing sounds like a vacuum cleaner. It seems the fans are either not spinning or they spin at about full speed. Why can't they just spin like at 500 or 1000 rpm? Even if they didn't make such an awful noise it would still be annoying if the fans just keep going on and off. I tried to update bios and install latest drivers. Nothing. Even the drivers were a horrible mess. The Asus app didn't work before I updated it from Microsoft store. And other drivers, I don't even know if they installed. Tried to click on every .exe but mostly nothing happened. And on one driver I followed a textfile instructions and something installed, but ended up with some kind of error . Why isn't there
    a silent profile in the Asus application? There was only "balanced" which said something like "Powerful cooling" and then some "Turbo performance super cooling" option. I returned the laptop and now I'm worrying if they will send it back because I installed Windows on it... (How can you try a computer without installing Windows wtf?) I just had to write this rant. Used to be an Asus fanboy but everything was terrible here.

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