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    ASUS Zenith II Extreme TRX40 - Post Times?

    I bought an Asus Zenith Extreme back when Threadripper first came out and am considering buying the new Zenith II TRX40 Version. My only complaint on the first board has been unusually long post times. It takes between 2-5 minutes to post (yes, I've always run the latest BIOS). While the system is generally stable, the long start up time before it shows a post screen is absolutely unnerving.

    It's even worse on a cold boot. It turns on, cycles through a bunch of stuff, then shuts off and on again. This sometimes triggers my RTX card to go into a factory reset mode, where I have to reboot the computer after start up or the fans stay at full (the EVGA 3 Red light problem)

    Anyone have the new Zenith Extreme II? How long after turning on from a cold boot (or warm) do you see the Post screen. What about getting into windows? I'm tempted to go with Gigabyte for my next build after my experience with the Zenith.

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