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    Angry Asus ROG GL504 HERO 2 - left side fan rattling noise,data D sometimes not showing up

    Hey guys, late november i went to repair my rog laptop, after only 3 weeks, i started to hear my laptop left fan making rattling noise, after that i sometimes get this blue screen with the code unexpected_store_exception, and then the most annoying part, very often that my D drive or my harddisk is missing and isn't showing up. So sometimes i can't play my games because my d drive is gone and i need to restart several times, this also happens sometimes when im in a middle of a game, suddenly it stops because my d drive is missing and giving me this symbol D:/, im very dissapointed because i just recently got it back from the service center, for your information i always put my laptop on a desk and never brought it anywhere since i repaired it

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