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    New to OC and I need some help Please

    I just got my Asus Strix Scar III with an i7-9750H and an RTX-2070 and i have a few questions

    Firstly regarding the CPU i managed to undervolt the CPU and now when i run any stress test the temps never go past 77c and i get a clock speed on all 6 cores of around 3.4 GHz so i was wondering is it safe to raise the long term turbo power limit from 45 to lets say 55 to get an average of 3.8 GHz at manageable temps or will this cause harm to the CPU in the long run, also when i'm unplugged from the power source i can't ever reach maximum fan speed and i don't know how i can control that .

    Secondly regarding the gpu i also managed to undervolt that and get a stable 1590 MHZ and my temps never go past 75c , i was also wondering can i actually overclock the gpu to around 1700 MHZ since i have that thermal headroom , also i can't seem to edit my power limit no matter what i do, i tried using afterburner and asus gpu tweak but all failed , i used the oc scanner in msi afterburner just to test the capabilities of my GPU it set an overclock but i was always getting power limit throttled back to 1590 MHZ

    sorry i'm just new to all this any help would be appreciated

    Thank you

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