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    Lightbulb [Feedback,Ideas]Motherboard Bios. ARMOURY Crate Update

    Hi in this thread for sharing ideas about new bios and Armoury crate updates for your ROG motherboard * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *************************************** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    motherboard : asus strix z390-E gaming
    Last bios version installed : 1903

    1- Bios Tools :
    1-1:download OS from BIOS:
    download and make bootable windows/linux file from bios (without using other computer for make bootable device).
    other alternative option is without pen drive(flash drive)
    motherboard health test

    1-2:Bios Benchmark :

    rate Computer Hardware for show weak hardware needs change and bottleneck (for example storage 4/10 compare other users).
    other idea is stable check for OC without windows start

    1-3:self diagnose in bios :
    sometimes BSOD is from hardware , we can identify it by self-diagnose by Bios.[added to z690]

    1-4:accessibility mode for disabled people in bios :
    there is Easy Mode for beginner users , and some users need accessibility mode for disabled people* *

    2- Video graphic:

    * 2-1:Hybric VGA :
    add a ability use Onboard VGA alongside External VGA(use Intel on-board VGA+ Nvidia VGA work parallel =save power and improve performance like AMD Hybrid Graphics).

    3- CPU :

    3-1: Default 5 gh OC :

    intel core i9 9900k Max Turbo Frequency 5000 defaults For ROG motherBoard (no need User OC or sync cores ) . [added] * * *

    4- UI/UX:
    4-1:Animation Motherboard boot up Logo .

    5- FAN :
    5-1:Clean Computer with fans (fan goes high and low for transport dust from case -VGA included).

    *5-2 AI Fan Tune
    *AI fan tune (learn from temp and change it automatically) [It added to new motherboard ]

    5-3:improve cpu auto fan tune with Delay (fDelay not)
    5-4:customize current(I) for fan port (connect two fan to 1 fan port )

    5-6:showing faulty Fan
    *6- POWER :

    * 6-1: other lightening devices connected works after shutdown computer (motherboard lightening just work when shutdown device) .
    * 6-2:Fast Charge for Android Devices
    6-3:add ability for show fan speed unsupported power supply (Hardware Limited)
    7- Storage Device : *

    7-1:OC Storage device [/b]
    OC nvme **

    7-2:clone drive to new storage*

    7-3 use computer speaker or monitor HDMI speaker for beep sound if no buzzer connected or say error *


    sometimes deep shutdown or BSOD shutdown ,display Shows with Delay . *

    Armoury Crate


    1-1:specific Fan speed
    add a ability for add fan speed profile for software is running (when run a render software Min fan speed change to 50%).

    1-2:Bios updater

    update bios and show new update available [optional].

    1-3:Game lightening
    lightening changes by games theme +work with game devs to use api for that.

    1-4:System Specification
    system Specefic showing full information like antenna values shows in motherboard (dBi)


    1-1:NoHardware find
    pc needs restart for fix that sometimes.*
    ** -----------------------------
    My_github *
    thanks ASUS for state-of-art products
    ps:i will glad that ASUS R&D use this ideas mention me in that(my first&last name).
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