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    Asus tuf fx505ge high cpu low usage?

    Hi I have a problem with my asus tuf fx505ge.

    Since my windows pre installed windows has made an automatic update to 1909. Since the update the fans are noisy and increase continuously even with normal use. I went back to the old version and everything worked fine again, unfortunately due to problems I had to forma and now Any windows I install the fans make a big noise especially when I connect my charger to the PC. When I put it to recharge the socket my pc makes some bad noises with the fan
    Now I have discovered one thing and I believe that the problem is this.
    My CPU speed compared to what I'm doing is VERY FAST.
    In the old windows set everything seemed to work automatically. I leave you the screens of CPU USE AND SPEED:

    How can I solve it? I have already installed intel new chipset
    SCREEN: USE 18% 3,81GHZ
    SCREEN: It is already set in balanced on windows.
    I can only solve it by setting the maximum processor levels to 99%, but before I did not do this
    And also in games I don't know how. SCREEN:

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