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    Compatible High Performance Air Coolers w/ full DIMMs

    Anyone aware of high performance air coolers for this board while having the DIMMs fully filled? I figured a list can be composed here for future investors or current owners looking to possibly upgrade the system with a better cooler. Thanks!

    - Please post the height of the memory modules if the cooler is positioned above them.
    - Please state if the H/S has one or two fans on them with dimensions of the fans as well.
    - If orientation matters, please state this as well with direction of airflow.

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    Corsair CMXAF1, is a three fan unit which clamps onto the locking tabs, and stands above the dimms, it is made for the dominator series, and slightly oversized on my 4-dimm board, so I think it might
    do well also on a 6-dimm board, The dominator chips I have have the fingered heat sinks and the air flow to the sides is such that I honestly feel that it will work ok on the 6-dimms also.

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    What is really awesome is the CMXAF2 (the CMXAF1 is made for a 1155,1156,775 sockets) where it only covers max of 4 slots and with the CMXAF2 + Dominator RAM you can use Air Flow Pro
    CMXAF2 -
    if thats not enough you can get extended heat sinks

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