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    GPU TWEAK II Why is crappy?

    After using MSI Afterburner I noticed that my GPU runs hotter at idle when using TWEAK-II. moreover with a higher fan curve.
    and more
    GPU TWEAK Setup, installs a lot of broken services and unneeded registry entries (bloatware) like other asus software.

    -DX9 installer contains adware.(bing search bar)
    -UI ( interface ) is really like a ****hole.
    also has some screen flickering issues with advanced mode enabled. if you move GPU tweak on the screen, App will behave abnormally.

    The list is much longer but I won't write any further. I hope someone makes an effort to fix this ****ty app.

    lastly comparison
    Strix 2080-O8G idle temperature and fan speed

    Core clock: -30, Power limit: %90, Min fan Speed:%25-%27, TEMP: 30c - 32c

    Core clock: -30, Power limit: %90, Min fan Speed:%22-%24, TEMP: 28c - 30c

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