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    Controlling built in rgb on G731GW laptop?

    Hi, I've bought the ROG G731GW laptop and overally I'm satisfied with the purchase. The only small annoyance I've experienced is seeing all the complaints about armory crate and aura eating up the resources just so we can change rgb lighting, which doesn't seem to be worth the sacrifice for me.
    So the question is: is there any possibiity to change the rgb in my laptop to a single-color static without the need of permanently running any resource-eating software? It seems currently all I can do is change the intensity or turn off the default pulsating rainbowy one.

    It doesn't help that the last time (which was right after clean windows installation) I've tried installing rog drivers, I must have done something wrong, as I kept BSODing every time I've used the 3rd USB port. And as much as I'm sure it was my fault, now I'm kind of sceptical about needing/wanting any of that software at all :p
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    Yes, you can set the RGB to a static color, and a lot of other presets also. You can change it in the Armoury Crate software. BTW, I wouldn't worry about the software taking up a ton of resources, as it only takes about 30mb of memory (of your 16 GB). The software doesn't need to be actually open all the time, just make the lighting change you want, then close the software.

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