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    Question TPCast-"Network-Connection-Assistant" can't find his TPCast-LAN/WLAN-Router at AC5300


    I have a HTC Vive and a TPCAST for Vive wireless device.
    This TPCast contains a LAN / WLAN device (only 100mbit) based on a Raspberry PI (says the ASUS WLAN user interface).
    The TPCast connection software finds this TPCast LAN / WLAN router connected directly to the PC.
    When connected to the ASUS GT-AC5300 (i need the desktop pc LAN port for fast network/internet with AC5300), the PC cannot find the TPCast router.

    Works: Desktop PC === TPCast
    Does not work: Desktop PC === GT-AC5300 === TPCast

    Why is this so?
    What can I do?
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