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    Unhappy ASUS ROG GL503 GE FPS dropping constantly in every game

    Hello guys, so my laptop started doing this since the 28th of December , a couple days before that day it was working just fine without any problem without any fps dropping.

    So basically , when playing games like red dead redemption 2, or destiny 2. my fps will constantly drop from time to time, i always play games while my laptop is plugged in because it usually gives the best performance. BUT NOW everytime i play my games while PLUGGED IN the fps drop constantly. BUT , whenever i play games while UNPLUGGED the game run smoothly without no fps dropping. When PLUGGED IN, the fan speed of my laptop is really fast and it heats up, but when its UNPLUGGED the fan slows down. Usually when i play games the fan speeds up and its heating up, but no fps dropping. But now its different.

    • Here's a video of me playing rdr 2 with the laptop UNPLUGGED (running smoothly no fps drop) :

    • Here's a video of me playing rdr 2 with the laptop PLUGGED IN (fps dropping after a while playing):

    Now here's the weird thing, when i pressed the "fan" button or "F5" , the fps started to rises but then it dropped within a second , when i pressed the button constantly the fps stabilize but its just not right. :

    I've tried many solutions such as:
    • Reinstalling the latest nvidia driver
    • Updating the BIOS
    • Resetting the laptop
    • Set the battery power plan to "'High Performance"

    Can you guys help me, its stresses me out knowing the fact that a while ago it was working really really well but then all of a sudden it started to do things like this. I bought this laptop about 2 months ago , and knowing its a gaming laptop it should handle most games pretty well.

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