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    Lightbulb ROG CENTURION 7.1 - Important EQ Settings for Music

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread and probably the second in this forum.
    I noticed that there were no measurements on my current headset, ASUS ROG CENTURION 7.1.
    So, I measured the frequency response and with some notepad calculation I think I got the right measurement (with my ears of course).

    LOGS :
    T0 : With data I got from the headset I made my first normalized EQ for this headset.
    T1 : I was so excited about my normalized profile so I forgot to repeat test the profile. I found the profile was a bit distorted and grainy compared to default flat profile from the software itself. So I retested it. Also included a nsx2 profile for easy import.
    T2 : Added sound enhancement in bass and a reverb. The goal is to make the music punchier in the drum kicks and live sensation.
    T3 : Added some vocal clarity effect, didnt improve the mid which I think is already perfect.
    T4 : Upper treble is too AIRY and very sharp for acoustic guitar for me. I felt like in space like a BA driver. so I reduced the gain.
    T5 : Added vocal clarity effect.
    T6 : Upgrade for T5. Compressor effect enabled. Vocalhead, download this.
    T7 : Last upgrade for T2. All tuning enabled.

    1. Frequency response normalization (flattening the curves)
    2. Non aggresive and smoother listening experience (massively reducing "screaming" vocal effect with better bass and warm reception)
    3. T4 introduced a classic way to boost vocal, reducing the treble.

    1. ASUS ROG CENTURION 7.1 headset + audio station
    2. Installed and running ASUS ROG 7.1 software

    EQ-T1 :
    32 (+4.1 dB)
    64 (-1.0 dB)
    125 (-2.7 dB)
    250 (+0.4 dB)
    500 (+4.4 dB)
    1K (-2.8 dB)
    2K (-0.6 dB)
    4K (-0.3 dB)
    8K (-4.8 dB)
    16K (+7.4 dB)

    EQ-T4 :
    32 (+4.1 dB)
    64 (-1.0 dB)
    125 (-2.7 dB)
    250 (+0.4 dB)
    500 (+4.4 dB)
    1K (-2.8 dB)
    2K (-0.6 dB)
    4K (-0.3 dB)
    8K (-2.4 dB) +50% gain
    16K (+3.7 dB) -50% gain

    1. (There is something strange with 16K+ frequency. Well all headset should be designed to start rolloff at this frequency to protect our precious ears, so you can default this frequency with 0 dB, or follow my normalization)
    2. I should have written this before but the effect of 16K+ enhancement is to make your music more airy and more lifelike. This shouldnt make the music aggresive because my goal is to pronounce the hihat hidden in the music background. If your music sound harsh, it must be mixing and mastering problems.
    3. +7.4 dB maybe too much for bass head and vocal head. I reduced it and it immensely boost the vocal out of the roof. I loved it!

    NSX2 - T1 Profile : (original)
    NSX2 - T2 Profile :
    NSX2 - T4 Profile : (added treble gain)
    NSX2 - T5 Profile :
    NSX2 - T6 Profile : (T5 with compressor)
    NSX2 - T7 Profile : (T2 all tunings enabled. last upgrade for T2)

    Also, I got something interesting in the NSX2 Profile. The volume booster hidden beneath the nsx2 profile, if you think your headset volume is too low even with 200% volume from (Front slider + Main slider). I keep it on and set it with 1.0 dB enhancement to minimize volume loss because of my normalization profile. You can set it yourself by editing the NSX2 file with notepad. the parameter are :

    <kNhSet_VolumeBoostState Value="1" />
    <kNhSet_VolumeBoostGainDB Value="1.0" />

    Just change the dB gain from 1.0 to the number you wanted. I would suggest 6.0 dB as maximum number, because I cant guarantee what will happen with your audio station. Better leave it with 1.0 though.

    Thinking about compensation and apply it to my EQ, nah it felt sucks I like my music loud.

    Thank you for visiting hehe! I hope you enjoyed the new experience!
    Also please leave a comment to see that youre using it. It would make me happy.

    I admit I am fanatics of this franchise. I admit it.
    1. I cried to this song with T5 profile. dont do this if you didnt want to cry.
    2. beautiful. test the T5 profile, I recommended it because It didnt make you cry so hard. just a little.

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