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    Z390 rog maximus xi gene + 9900ks stability

    Hello guys

    Memory Predator 2x8 gb 4400 mhz

    I've been playing around with these combo for some and now i want to decide what final overclock to use, i don't have any particular problem but would like some suggestion may be from a more experienced users.

    Is it "so" normal that the more i overclock my ram the more Vcore i need ? (weak IMC ont he 9900 ? and so instability ?) if yes at what extent ?

    Example : i can run 5.1 all core with 1.23V avx 1 and up to 3400 mhz (about) ram speed (auto timings), moving forward along this path will bring me to 5.0 all core with 1.25 and 4400 mhz

    my plan now is to find the sweet spot between Vcore, ram at 4000 Mhz including tighter seconday and thertiary timings.

    this is already taking me ages....

    Test i use, OCCT for no AVX and LinX

    Any hint or suggestion is highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot
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