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    Question Turbo mode , Strix G ( G531GT) need help

    Hello everyone,
    So i reinstall my windows soon and put 10 pro , download all updates from asus , also i try these from , but i notice something. Before i reinstall my laptop when i was in Turbo mode , msi afterburnesh shows Core Clock (MHz) 150 and Memory clock ( MHz ) 50/10 ( im not sure about the numbers of both ) , but not after the reinstall when im in turbo mode these numbers are set to 0 (picture below) , also i noticed in some videos in armoury crate when go to manual there is couple of option like core clock mhz options and some more , and mine are like in the pictures below. I'm not sure if that something unusual and what should be the numbers when im in Turbo mode, but i notice some fps drop in CSGO after the reinstall , ofc could be from the CS , but i got curious is everything set up all right and how should it be?
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos msiTurbo.jpg  

    armoury Crate manual.jpg  

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