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    *Feature Request* Geo-filter feature for ROG Routers

    Hi Guys,

    Like the title suggests, is there any plans to bring a Geo-Filter feature to ROG routers?

    I have used Asus routers and lots of their products and love them, am currently using a GT-5300 and it's great good reception and great bufferbloat. I've tried to use WTFast as a similar type of service and found it really doesn't help, in fact usually makes things worse. That being said I think it would be a very useful feature and selling feature if Asus were to introduce their own type of Geo-filter setting. Similar to Netdumas approach.

    The reason I'd like to have this feature is because I play games competitively and having good latency is very important to me.
    Matchmaking in games these days leaves a bit to be desired so this would help that alot.

    Thanks in advance,

    Btw tried to search for this topic but didn't find any references, really surprised actually.

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