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    Correct voltage setting

    Correct core voltage setting for flexible core voltage
    Hi guys,
    I am running a 6850K @ 4.0 GHz on a Asus X99 AII. I simply used the XMP profile on the board and left core coltage at auto.
    Right now my core clock is set automatically depending on my working tasks which is fine. Watching CPU-Z I have a min. core voltage of
    0.804V at 1223 MhZ and a max. 1.293 on 100% CPU usage using AIDA64. I think for only 4 Ghz 1.293 is too much and I'd like to
    dial that down in bios.
    What core voltage mode works best there. Adaptive? And how would I set it up to try a core voltge of 1.25 or even lower.
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