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    Xehanort PC Specs
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    MotherboardAsus G751JY
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    Memory (part number)32GB (4x8GB)
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    Graphics Card #2Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics 5200 (disabled)
    Sound CardIntel Lynx Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [C2]
    MonitorLG Display LP173WF4-SPD1
    Storage #1Samsung M.2 SSD XP941, 512GB
    Storage #2Hitachi 7200RPM, 1TB
    OS Windows 10
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    Exclamation G751JY - Battery is stuck at 0%, random shutdowns

    Best laptop i've ever had, so it's a bit sad to see it finally showing signs of failure. Hopefully it can be fixed.

    So my battery has been having problems since early 2019, when all of a sudden it would only charge to 82%. This happened after one time I was using it unplugged and it all of a sudden shut down. After that I let the laptop cool down, put it charging all night and the next day it was at 82%. Since I almost always use it plugged to AC I didn't mind it at all, but after a few months it started showing 0% and it does not charge. It still worked fine but now it's starting to shut down randomly. No matter what it's doing whether its heavy tasks or just in desktop doing nothing. Sometimes it can stay on for minutes and other times hours so it seems to be completely random. Fortunately it preserves whatever I was doing so maybe it's not shutting down but going to sleep? Not sure. It can't be hibernating since I always disable it (32 gig hiberfil.sys file is wack).

    I did notice a pattern though while I was observing the battery LED. When the light is constantly red it doesn't randomly shut down. Same if it's blinking red. This only seems to happen when the light is red and then randomly turns green for like a split second and then back to red. While in this state I also observed that the battery tray icon keeps refilling instead of constantly empty. Or maybe i've just been lucky :P

    So I already ordered a new battery, genuine too. I was just wondering if anyone who had this laptop has experienced this and if a solution was found, even if it's temporary. I'm terrified of opening the laptop and replacing the battery but it seems I have no way out, bought it in 2015 so warranty has expired and sending it to ASUS will probably break my wallet

    Thank you for your time.

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